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Bowling Green Daily News (KY): Immigrants have major impact on local economy

While the United States is known as a land of immigrants, officials are reporting fewer refugees and immigrants coming to the U.S. Today we examine the potential consequences of decreased immigration for Bowling Green and the region and take a look at the economic impact foreign-born residents are already having on the community.

Bowling Green business owner Victor Puga recently attended a business luncheon at a local Mexican restaurant. He approached a table of other businesspeople and introduced himself.

“They asked me to bring them more chips and salsa,” Puga said, after they mistook the businessman for a waiter.

While Puga, the owner of Premiere Roofing, tells the anecdote with a smile, he said he does face more serious challenges as an immigrant business owner. He said he is determined, however, to show immigrants are making a positive economic difference for Bowling Green.

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