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Statement on Senator Lindsay Graham’s and Senator Dick Durbin’s Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow our Economy (BRIDGE) and Representative Carlos Curbelo’s Recognizing America’s Children (RAC) Acts

Following the reintroduction of the BRIDGE and RAC Acts, which protect undocumented young people who came to this country as children, New American Economy President John Feinblatt issued the following statement:

“The undocumented youth in America who know no other home than our great country are our future scientists, entrepreneurs, and doctors. Policies to protect and welcome them not only reflect American values, but also the American dream,” said John Feinblatt, President of New American Economy. “We applaud efforts like Senator Graham’s and Senator Durbin’s BRIDGE Act, and Congressman Curbelo’s RAC Act, and we encourage Congress to work towards immigration reform that unlocks the full potential of the workforce of tomorrow.”

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