Ankit Agarwal, PhD

The world’s cutting edge research is happening right now at US Universities. That’s why I came to do my PhD at the Iowa State University, and continued postdoctoral research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I worked to find innovative ways to help the 2.1 million US burn victims in hospital care and the 6.5 million US patients per year who suffer from chronic wounds or slow-healing ulcers. The technology to make artificial skin resistant to infections, that I co-invented while at Wisconsin, has already led the launching of an entirely new company, Imbed Biosciences, Inc, which will use my invention to help countless Americans heal faster, safer, and more painlessly. Our products will reduce the use of antibiotics, minimize dressing changes and nurse time, and lower patient pain, medication costs and length of hospital stays.

But Imbed Biosciences almost never happened because of the incredibly daunting obstacles I faced to find a work visa to stay in America, start a company that would greatly benefit American medicine, and create American jobs- and that was after working with best research scientists in the US for 10 years. The first three lawyers I spoke to about applying for an EB1 Green Card for those with “extraordinary ability” said my chances of success were low and advised against applying. Only when I finally found a lawyer who would take my case, was I fortunate enough to get a green card.

I joined the Partnership after I saw firsthand the drain that our immigration laws can have on our economy and in my industry. My company is the essence of why we need smarter immigration reform. I look to grow my business by adding high-skilled scientists and managers to this company. A smarter immigration system will not only enhance Imbed Biosciences’ ability to develop newer and greater technology in wound management, but will also welcome new innovation and job creation in every field.

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