Richard L. McNeel

LORD Corporation began when one patent attorney, Hugh Lord, couldn’t find anyone to manufacture his inventions and instead hired six workers to help him out. Today, we employ more than 2,700 workers and operate as the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives, coatings, and noise and vibration control devices. Throughout our history, we’ve improved equipment from aircraft instruments to truck suspensions—and today we are literally the mortar of hundreds of manufacturing businesses.

Our company relies on employees that carry forward our tradition of innovation. In our line of work, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and to keep pace with other industries we need the best engineers to advance our products and develop new technologies. America has some of the world’s best engineering schools, and they attract the best minds from all around the world to study specialized fields such as material science, electro-mechanical dynamic systems or polymerization. Yet our federal immigration system prevents these graduates from staying and working for companies like LORD Corporation. I’ve joined the Partnership for a New American Economy because I know that a smarter immigration strategy today will help LORD Corporation remain a world leader in innovation for the industries of tomorrow.

About NAE

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