The Gateways for Growth Challenge

Immigration is one of our nation’s greatest assets. Communities across the country, from Anchorage to Atlanta, have seen the positive effects of a growing immigrant population. New Americans’ economic, civic, and cultural contributions have helped revitalize neighborhoods, create businesses large and small, and make cities more vibrant and competitive.

Recognizing this, many local governments, chambers of commerce, and nonprofits seek strategies to attract, retain, and integrate immigrants and international talent in their own communities. To support and scale these pursuits, in 2016 New American Economy and Welcoming America launched the Gateways for Growth Challenge (G4G), a competitive opportunity for public and private sector organizations to jointly apply for three tiers of support to facilitate local immigrant integration and inclusion:

  • Customized quantitative research reports from NAE on the demographic and economic contributions immigrants make in their communities;
  • On-the-ground technical assistance from NAE and Welcoming America to help communities draft, execute, and communicate a multi-sector immigrant integration strategy; and
  • Planning grants from NAE and Welcoming America that local partners have committed to match.

NAE and Welcoming America have supported 54 communities across three rounds of G4G. Click the city below to see their economic brief and/or strategic plan or visit to learn more about these efforts across the country.

G4G Awardees

*Indicates a two-time G4G Awardee

G4G Round III (2019-2020)

Bowling Green, KY* (Brief/Plan)
Cedar Rapids, IA (Brief/Plan)
Charlotte, NC (Brief)
Flint, MI (Brief)
Grand Rapids, MI* (Brief)
Lexington, KY 
Lowell, MA (Brief)
Memphis, TN* (Brief
Northern Kentucky (Brief)
Roanoke, VA (Brief)
San Antonio, TX (Brief)
Toledo-Lucas County, OH (Brief)
Wayne County, MI (Brief)
Middlesex County, NJ (Brief)

G4G Round II (2017-2018)

Alexandria, VA (Brief)
Austin, MN (Plan)
Boise, ID/Ada County, ID (Brief)
Bowling Green, KY* (Brief)
Champaign-Urbana, IL (Brief)
Chicago, IL (Brief)
Corpus Christi, TX (Brief)
Dallas, TX (Brief/Plan)
Dane County, WI (Brief)
Des Moines, IA (Brief/Plan)
Fort Wayne, IN (Brief)
Grand Forks, ND (Brief//Plan)
Grand Rapids, MI (Brief)
Harrisonburg, VA/Rockingham County, VA (Brief)
Lancaster, PA* (Brief/Plan)
Little Rock, AR (Brief)
Long Beach, CA (Brief)
Memphis, TN* (Brief)
Michiana (South Bend-Elkhart, IN) (Brief)
Missoula, MT (Brief)
Northwest Arkansas (Brief/Plan)
Portland, ME (Brief/Plan)
San Diego, CA (Brief/Plan)
Siouxland, IA/NE/SD (Brief)
Tulsa, OK (Brief/Plan)

G4G Round I (2016-2017)

Akron and Summit County, OH (Brief/Plan)
Anchorage, AK (Brief/Plan)
Birmingham, AL (Brief)
Brownsville, TX 
Columbus, OH (Brief)
Detroit, MI (Brief)
Fargo, ND (Brief)
Houston, TX (Brief/Plan)
Indianapolis, IN (Brief/Plan)
Kansas City, KS/MO (Brief)
Lancaster, PA* (Brief)
Los Angeles, CA (Brief)
Macomb County, MI (Brief)
Nashville, TN (Brief)
New Orleans, LA (Brief)
Phoenix, AZ and Arizona State (Brief)
Pittsburgh, PA (Brief)
San Jose, CA (Brief)
Salt Lake County, UT (Brief/Plan)
Upstate NY Region (Syracuse/Buffalo, NY) (Brief)

Press Highlights


Dallas, TX: How do we protect them? Dallas leaders look to help immigrants and the economy

Detroit, MI: Immigrants drive economy, ease population decline in Detroit, study shows

Grand Forks, ND: Study: Immigrants make up growing part of workforce, tax base of ND, Minnesota

Phoenix, AZ: Study: Immigrants needed to fuel economy


Akron, OH: How immigrants helped save the economy of Akron, Ohio

Champaign County, IL: New study shows immigrants contribute $1.4B to Champaign County’s economy

Fort Wayne, IN: New study shows the impact immigration population has on Northeast Indiana

Grand Rapids, MI: Report on economic impact of immigrants, refugees in West Michigan to be released Tuesday

Michiana (South Bend-Elkhart, IN): New research shows positive impact of immigrants in Michiana

Tulsa, OK: New plan to welcome immigrants to Tulsa

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