A Visa That Creates U.S. Jobs?


The biggest criticism of the US government’s H1-B visa program is that it takes high-tech jobs away from deserving US citizens. A new visa proposal could actually have the opposite effect: It may create jobs in the US.

A so-called “entrepreneur’s visa” would allow foreign citizens who start new businesses and create jobs in the US to stay in the country, according to The Wall Street Journal. The entrepreneur provision is part of a larger visa proposal that would make it easier for foreign students to remain in the US after they finish their studies, the WSJ says. The students must have a specific skill set: They must hold post-graduate degrees in math, science, or engineering.

US visa programs and its university system have come under increasing fire in the past decade. Critics charge that specialty visas displace US workers; and that universities educate foreign students who take their skills back home after their education is done. The new proposal appears to address both issues by encouraging job creation and by retaining talent.

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