Absurd U.S. Immigration Policies Amount To Economy Sapping Talent Drain

July 30, 2012

Global demand for advanced degree holders, combined with U.S. immigration policies, is causing America to lose some of the world’s brightest minds.

After funding their studies and awarding them degrees, America forces some 50,000 highly educated foreign-born workers out of the country each year. This is because of stringent caps on temporary and permanent employment visas that were put in place 45 years ago, in the case of the temporary visas, and 20 years ago, in the case of the permanent visas. These policies need to be brought into the 21st century if America is to remain competitive.

Meanwhile, other developed countries are welcoming foreign-born talent. Canada, Australia and the UK, for example, provide more than 60 percent of their annual permanent visas on an employment basis. The United States: a mere 15 percent.

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