Akron Beacon Journal: “Lawmakers look to North Hill for answers on immigration debate”

Rollin Mukanza launched a carpet cleaning business without knowing how to clean carpets — only the desire to prosper.

The Ellet man fled the Congo more than a decade ago to settle in Akron. With a degree in business, he told a friend, who knew how to remove stains, to demonstrate their service by cleaning a patch of carpet not in the corner of a video store, as others had, but out in the open.

“So [the owner] was compelled to call us to clean the rest of the store because our spot was cleaner,” said Mukanza, who beat out a competitor. His business, Cleancare Professionals, went on to service every Blockbuster store in the Akron area.

Mukanza is one of 568 immigrant entrepreneurs in Ohio’s 13th Congressional District. As a group, they are 32.6 percent more likely to start a business than American-born residents, according to research released Tuesday by New American Economy.

“I love the story of the startup companies,” said U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat who represents Akron, Youngstown, Kent and Warren in the U.S. House. “The moment presented itself and you took advantage of it. That’s the immigrant spirit.”

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