Allow International Grads to Remain in U.S., Brodhead Says

Duke Today
June 26, 2012

Duke President Richard Brodhead and the heads of more than 75 other leading American research universities called Tuesday on the White House and Congress to work together to provide top international graduates with a clear path to a green card, enabling them to stay and create new jobs in the United States.

In a joint letter tied to a new research report from the Partnership for a New American Economy, the university leaders stressed the importance of foreign-born inventors in promoting innovation. The partnership, a bipartisan coalition of mayors and business leaders supporting immigration reform, said 76 percent of university-issued patents have a foreign-born inventor.

“Each year, bright, talented students from around the world come to Duke to pursue graduate degrees,” Brodhead said. “Along with their academic training, they absorb an American approach to thinking, problem-solving and innovating, and they graduate with skills that can lead directly to new companies and jobs for our country. It’s in our national interest to keep them here.”

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