Business Insider: Immigrant Entrepreneur Expanding Third Company

Immigrant entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our nation’s diverse economy. One local woman is demonstrating that in central Florida.

While the immigration issue itself is making heated headlines across the nation, the fact remains that immigrant entrepreneurs started 40 percent of the top Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Instagram and eBay, according to Partnership for a New American Economy. Overall, immigrant entrepreneurs contribute more than $775 billion annually to our nation’s annual gross domestic product.

Local central Florida immigrant entrepreneur Birgit Daniel is doing her part. Daniel is an entrepreneur who grew up in Munich, Germany. After moving to Florida in 2000, Daniel launched a rental and property management company, Tropical Escape Vacation Homes, now a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

In 2015, Daniel launched her second company, Design2Rent, a design studio that filled the yet-unmet need for attractive home designs that produce a return on investment for vacation rental properties in central Florida.

This week, Daniel is taking another big risk and expanding her third company, Design2Live, creating more than 20 local full-time jobs in Davenport.

Business Insider: “Immigrant Entrepreneur Expanding Third Company”

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