Business North: New data on Minnesota show economic impact of immigrant population

Minnesota business leaders on Tuesday showcased new research on the contributions of immigrants in Minnesota and highlighted the need for immigration reform. Spearheaded by New American Economy and the Minnesota Business Immigration Coalition, the report marks the launch of Map the Impact – a campaign to highlight the power of immigrants in communities across the country.

This effort arms business, civic and cultural leaders with new data on immigrant populations in all 435 congressional districts and 50 metro areas, according to an announcement by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. An interactive map also includes state- and sector-specific data that quantifies every locality’s foreign-born population, tax contributions, spending power, home ownership, and voting power, among other items.

“The research underscores once again that we must welcome immigrants if Minnesota’s economy is to continue to develop and grow,” said Bill Blazar, Minnesota Chamber senior vice president of public affairs and business development. The Minnesota Chamber leads the Minnesota Business Immigration Coalition. “Our current immigration system is broken from top to bottom, and we are relying on outdated laws that do not addresses the challenges we face today. This new research proves what we’ve known for years – that immigrants are a boon to our state’s economy.”

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