Denverite: Colorado business groups want immigration rules they can follow

Some Colorado business owners would rather break immigration laws than watch their crops rotting in fields, houses going unbuilt or other jobs left undone.

The recently formed Coloradans for Immigration Reform coalition says it doesn’t want people to have to make that choice and is calling for Congress to end stop-gap policies — like those created by President Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama — and establish true reform for those foreign-born residents who wish to live and work in America.

“We want to see immigration reform enacted yesterday,” said Jeff Wasden, president of the Colorado Business Roundtable. “Let’s address the actual issues around E-verified systems. Let’s address the issues around security and enforcement. And let’s find a path forward to welcome legal, immigrant workers to continue to contribute to America to Colorado and to the fabric of our communities.”

On Tuesday, the Colorado Business Roundtable and other business organizations from around the state associated with the coalition released new data highlighting the role immigrants play in Colorado.

Denverite: “Colorado business groups want immigration rules they can follow

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