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Dog bites man: Tea party group backs immigration reform (!)

Putting one more nail in the coffin of the game labeling conservatives ”tea party” and “establishment,” a cross-section of GOP groups came out in favor of passing immigration reform this year. In a memo entitled “Partnership for a New American Economy, Americans for Tax Reform, and Tea Party Express Release New Poll Showing Tea Party Voters Want Immigration Reform This Year,” the three groups kicked off a monthly push in which diverse conservative groups will press the case for immigration reform. The e-mail reads in part:

“Our economy, our security, and our citizens deserve a system that works,” said Sal Russo, Co-founder of the Tea Party Express. “Tea Party voters want solutions to the real problems facing America and immigration is no exception. We encourage Congress to take action this year and provide conservative, free-market, common sense solutions to the problems in our immigration system.”

“The majority of Americans know that fixing immigration reform is essential to America’s future,” said Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservatives Union. ”Congress has a great opportunity to bring conservative ideals to the immigration debate and remake our immigration system into one that respects our laws and our borders, accommodates those that want to come to America to contribute, and recognizes the needs of the U.S. economy.”

I have no doubt that this was in the works for a while, but the timing is particularly good. In two weeks of primary voting immigration reform candidates do well. Even Ben Sasse, who was backed by groups including the Senate Conservatives Fund, refused to sign an immigration reform pledge.

This latest coalition gives further encouragement to House Republicans that they can move ahead on a critical issue with the support of some old and new uber-conservative groups.

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