DREAM Act Youths Might Be Worth Billions To Texas

San Antonio Express-News
October 30, 2012

The hundreds of thousands of illegal U.S. immigrants who would be eligible for the DREAM Act could generate billions of dollars.

A study this month by the Center for American Progress and the Partnership for a New American Economy — a bipartisan group of U.S. mayors and business leaders — estimates the passage of the DREAM Act would generate $329 billion nationally through 2030. That’s an average of more than $18 billion per year — about 0.5 percent of what the federal government spent during the 2012 fiscal year

That’s just a drop in the bucket, but the Center for American Progress, a group critical of conservative policy, says some economic growth is better than none.“These are big numbers, but they are big numbers in a universe of really big budgets,” said Marshall Fitz, director of Immigration Reform at the Center for American Progress. Despite the relatively small amount, he said $329 billion on its own is a significant economic effect.

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