Embrace Hispanics’ Role In Strengthening Our Economy

The Tennessean 
October 11, 2012

As our country celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s not difficult to find areas where this nation continues to benefit from the significant contributions of the Hispanic immigrants who’ve come to our shores.

Just last week, Americans witnessed Venezuelan-born Miguel Cabrera capture baseball’s Triple Crown, becoming only the 15th Major League Baseball player to ever do so. A few days later, President Obama dedicated the Cesar E. Chavez National Memorial, honoring the Mexican-American labor leader and civil rights activist with a monument that joined the likes of the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon.

These are just two shining examples that illustrate the extent to which Hispanic immigrants have enriched everything from our national pastime to our national history. But too often we overlook the critical role they’ve played in advancing an area that’s particularly vital to our country’s well-being: our economy.

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