Entrepreneurs building momentum, changing tactic in pursuit of immigration reform

Washington Post
February 25, 2013

The lobbying campaign to ease immigration restrictions for highly educated foreigners is expanding and evolving, with advocates shifting attention toward a comprehensive deal rather than continuing their attempts to drive through smaller, targeted legislation.

A collection of entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders are launching the latest assault on Monday, building what they hope will grow into a large, online army of immigration lobbyists to take part later this spring in a “virtual march” on Washington. Using various portals on the Internet, their goal is to round up and educate as many people as possible about the economic appeal of attracting high-skilled immigrants, and then launch a social media blitz to appeal to Congress some time in April.

“There is no doubt the ground has shifted since the election, and voices who weren’t talking about comprehensive reform are now talking about comprehensive reform,” John Feinblatt, chief policy advisor for Mayor Bloomberg, said in an interview. “People can count heads and count votes, and reality has struck that the most likely solution is to make high-skilled immigration reform part of a comprehensive bill.”

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