For farmers’ sake: Ag jobs hinge on result of immigration debate

Gov. Mike Pence is off on another ideological mission – at taxpayer expense, of course. He’s joined a coalition of states, led by Texas, in a legal challenge of President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration last month.

Even Attorney General Greg Zoeller, who leaped at the chance to battle gay marriage rulings, has taken a pass on this one. Though Zoeller said he shares the governor’s concern about executive overreaching, he doesn’t think the states can establish legal standing to challenge it.

Besides, Zoeller noted, he is already part of another coalition, 18 state attorneys general who just sent congressional leaders a letter pleading for action on an immigration bill. The letter, written by Zoeller and Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, argues that whether or not Obama’s executive order is valid, Congress should “seize the moment to advance common-sense legislative reforms.”

The need for immigration reform is not just something dreamed up by liberal do-gooders. It is an economic development issue supported by organizations such as the Indiana and U.S. Chambers of Commerce and the Indiana Farm Bureau.

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