Fixing The Unemployment Problem

The Washington Examiner
November 6, 2012

With the new Labor Department report showing slow job creation in October and an unemployment rate close to 7.9 percent, the winner of the presidential race will want to revive the job market to claim the mantle of success.

Deloitte LLP, one of the big four national accounting and consulting firms, has published a new set of recommendations on how to proceed.

In “Brawn from Brains: Talent, policy, and the future of American competitiveness,” Deloitte researchers Bill Eggers and John Hagel ask: What policies speed up development of workplace talent and employment? What policies slow it down?

Deloitte’s emphasis is on talent competitiveness — from removing roadblocks in the economy to raising skills of job seekers.

The authors offer suggestions to develop talent through changes in education, immigration, occupational regulation, foreign direct investment, unemployment insurance and patent law.

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