Help U.S. Economy With Visas for the Best and Brightest

May 29, 2012

To see the results of self-defeating U.S. immigration policies, you need only open your browser to There, you’ll see a shrewd neighbor fishing for talent at U.S. expense.

At the top of the website, in large print, is the question: “Currently on an H1B Visa or otherwise working or studying in the United States?” There is nothing subtle about the appeal. Canada is seeking skilled foreigners who’ve grown frustrated with the U.S. visa gantlet, which can take a decade for the lucky few who manage even to begin it.

Plans to loosen U.S. restrictions on high-skilled immigrants have been kicking — and getting kicked — around Washington for years. The latest comes from a bipartisan group of senators, who last week introduced legislation to ease the logjam on visas. The Startup Act 2.0 would create a new visa for immigrants who graduate from U.S. universities with a master’s degree or doctorate in science, technology, engineering or math fields. It would also create an entrepreneur’s visa to enable immigrants with capital to start businesses and create jobs in the U.S.

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