Highly Skilled Immigrants a Key to America’s Future

Fox Business
February 19, 2013

Many immigrants who come to the U.S. start new businesses and create jobs. In fact, a 2011 report by the Partnership for a New American Economy found that 90 companies (18%) of Fortune 500 were founded by people who were foreign born. When one includes the children of immigrants, the figure skyrockets to 40 percent. In fact, some of America’s best known brands, including AT&T, Budweiser, Ford, GE, Mattel, McDonald’s, P&G, and The Walt Disney Company, were created by immigrants or their children. Additionally, the new generation of technology powerhouses on the Fortune 500 list — Apple, Google, Intel, eBay, Yahoo!, Sun, and Qualcomm — were all founded by immigrants. Further, growing fields, like semiconductors and medical devices, are full of immigrant-founded companies.

American corporations started by immigrants or their children employ more than 10 million people worldwide. Meanwhile, the revenue generated by Fortune 500 companies founded by immigrants or children of immigrants is greater than the GDP of every country except the U.S., China and Japan, according to the Partnership for a New American Economy report.

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