Immigration law is outdated

Cincinnati Enquirer
February 20, 2013

There are literally thousands of high-skilled jobs in the United States that need to be filled so our economy can start moving again. Unfortunately, our universities have a deficit of science, technology, engineering and math graduates who are able to take on these roles. We need these foreign-born students to come and fill the gaps. If we don’t allow them to live and work here for U.S. companies, there is no doubt they will move to another country and work for a competing company.

Among these foreign-born students graduating from American colleges, a large number are innovators and entrepreneurs. According to a study done by the Partnership for a New American Economy, immigrants are twice as likely to start new businesses, and economists agree that startups create the vast majority of American jobs. However, these jobs disappear if the graduate cannot get a visa to stay and keep the business running in the U.S. If we do not reform our immigration system, we will continue to lose out on thousands of new jobs every year.

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