Immigration Officials Spare Entrepreneurs’ Daughter

CNN Money
August 13, 2012

Lauren Gray is one of the lucky few.

Born in Britain but raised in Missouri, Gray last week narrowly avoided deportation. Her parents came years ago on business visas, which permitted her to stay in the country only until she turned 21 last week.

Her odyssey in the immigration system, featured in a recent story by CNNMoney, revealed problems faced by entrepreneurs like Gray’s parents who travel to the United States to launch businesses and create jobs.

“The E-2 is just one more example of the U.S. immigration system shooting itself in the foot,” said John Feinblatt, a member of the Partnership for a New American Economy, a group calling for business-friendly immigration changes.

“These immigrants create American jobs and we give them no way to stay here. What’s the incentive for people to come here and start businesses with such an uncertain future?” said Feinblatt, chief policy adviser to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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