Immigration Reform Not Dead Yet, Advocates Insist

WASHINGTON — Immigration reform advocates said they’re annoyed at the glut of news articles in the past week suggesting comprehensive reform is dead. They insist reform can still happen in the House, and they’ll fight until it does.

“We’re not giving up,” Greisa Martinez, an organizer with undocumented immigrant advocacy group United We Dream, told reporters on a press call. “We are in 30 days of sustained action and escalation across the country. We are mobilizing in D.C. We’re keeping the issue alive. So I wouldn’t want us to prematurely declare this issue dead, because our community and our movement still has a lot of fight left this year.”

Still, there is cause for concern. It appears increasingly unlikely — or maybe impossible — that the House will vote on immigration reform legislation by the end of the year, before Congress enters a midterm election year.

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