Immigration Reform Touted as Way to Close Skills Gap

WUWM News – Milwaukee Public Radio
November 2, 2012

We conclude our Project Milwaukee series Friday on the skills gap. One solution some business people have suggested is immigration reform. For instance, a company owner told WUWM’s LaToya Dennis that he would have an easier time filling jobs, if the U.S. would grant permanent residency to skilled immigrants, including the students educated here. Milwaukee Attorney Jose Oliviera told LaToya that there is no fast or simple way for immigrant workers to remain here, even if employers need them.

“The United States has enormous demand for people to enter. We’ve had years and periods in which we’ve had enormous demand of U.S. employers wanting people to come to the United States, and then we have an enormous supply of people who want to come into the United States, and our law doesn’t always match what that demand is on both sides.”

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