Increased Immigration Benefits our Job Market

Daily Wildcat
June 26, 2012

Immigration continues to be a controversial topic of debate in this country. The Supreme Court upheld the most controversial part of Arizona’s immigrant enforcement law Monday, permitting both state and local police with probable cause to ask those they stop for proof of legal residency. The justices did, however, strike down other provisions of the bill, such as one that would make it a state crime to seek employment if you are in the country illegally. Prior to this, President Obama signed an executive order to allow young illegal immigrants to avoid deportation if they meet certain qualifications.

Both pieces of legislation have drawn criticism from members of Congress and citizens alike, and in a sluggish recovery from the recession where job seekers face a national unemployment rate of 8.2 percent, it’s understandable why so many have voiced their concerns.

But as the left and right continue to debate the legality of immigration issues, many seem to overlook that immigration actually benefits job growth and our economy. Congress should focus on simplifying the path to legal residency while creating more incentives that encourage hard-working immigrants to stay in America.

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