Issue Media Update: The City as a Startup

The Line
July 11, 2012

In answer to a question about the most important thing cities can do as business generators, Case said, “Recruit for talent and find ways to connect people.

“It’s the role of the government to set the stage for innovation to flourish,” he said, and one way to do that is to “attract the best and the brightest to establish companies here.” The problem is that “the majority of Ph.D. candidates leave because they’re not allowed to stay.”

According to a June CNN report, 3.5 million STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) jobs in this country are going unfilled. Half of all PhDs in this country in math, computer science, and economics are being awarded to foreign-born students, many of whom are forced to leave because they can’t get H-1B visas.

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