KMEG: One Siouxland received a big grant from a local employer

One Siouxland is a non-profit group that helps local immigrants is getting a big boost from an area employer.

Tyson Foods which employs many newcomers to the US and Siouxland at its facilities in Storm Lake and Dakota City gave the group an $85,000 grant today.

The head of One Siouxland says the grant will help them with a lot of their efforts.

“One of the things we’re looking at is ways to help the newcomer population get to that next level whether its their language, or their technical or whatever skills they may need to get to that next level so they can contribute more fully. they fuel the economy, they fuel the schools, they’re the ones educating our next generation of leaders so its important that we make sure they fell like they’re in a community that wants them and welcomes them and integrates them into life,” said Director of One Siouxland Erica Deleon.

The Siouxland Chamber of Commerce is also partnering with One Siouxland on several of these programs to better integrate new immigrants into the community.

Watch the full story from KMEG: ““One Siouxland received a big grant from a local employer”

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