KTIV: Tyson Foods and One Siouxland team up to build a stronger Siouxland

Tyson Foods and One Siouxland are teaming up to support newcomers in Siouxland.

The partnership will help newcomers to the community adapt, integrate, and thrive in the Sioux City Community.

The two organizations will host 15 workshops throughout the tri-state region to help newcomers acquire skills, information, community contacts, and help access basic services and needs as well as become involved in the community.

Being a community that takes in foreign-born workers and giving them the tools they need to be successful in the workplace has a widespread impact.

“As local businesses struggle to locate the labor force they require to grow right here in Siouxland, our organization stands ready to support their membership and our community to fully harnessing the potential of our growing talent base by working with One Siouxland and sharing the positive economic impact for newcomers on our region, “said Chris McGowan, President of Siouxland Chamber of Commerce

These workshops will help workers gain the skills they need, but they will also help local community leaders identify how their leadership can transform and strengthen community culture.

Beth Pautsch of Tyson Foods says these are the steps it takes to be a successful community.

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