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Lancaster Online: “Lancaster Chamber wins Gateways for Growth Challenge Award focused on immigrants”

Lancaster Chamber has gotten another grant from two national organizations that seek to integrate the new Americans into local communities.

The Gateways for Growth Challenge Award from New American Economy and Welcoming America presented to Lancaster and 24 other communities is to develop a plan for welcoming immigrants into the workforce and broader community.

In addition to $12,500 and technical assistance valued at $25,000 from those organizations, the chamber reported receiving $12,500 toward the effort from the Lancaster County Community Foundation.

Lancaster Chamber advocacy director Heather Valudes said the goal is “to create awareness about the competitive advantage of having a diverse and inclusive business climate in our region and leverage the skills, expertise and experience of our County’s diverse population to grow our economy.”

The first grant was announced early in 2016 and resulted in a first-of-its-kind report that found immigrants in Lancaster County contributed $1.3 billion to the local economy, and have higher levels of education than the native population.

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