Lindsey Graham Defended By Conservative Pro-Immigration Reform Groups

Huffington Post
March 13, 2013

Two conservative pro-immigration reform groups are stepping in to support Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of the members of the Senate “gang of eight,” as he comes under fire in his state from an organization that seeks to reduce immigration.

There are other efforts to bolster Graham’s push. Partnership for a New American Economy, a non-partisan group led by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is working to bring out business leaders in South Carolina who support Graham. Jeremy Robbins, director of the group, said they will do the same in other states where voting in support of immigration reform could be politically risky. He said the Republicans for Immigration Reform ad in support of Graham aligns with his group’s message.

“This ad, and certainly a lot of our efforts are about trying to get away from the extremes of people trying to throw things at Lindsey Graham and get some of the leaders who are creating jobs in South Carolina out to make a case that, ‘Look, this is going to help the economy,'” Robbins said.

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