Local Entrepreneurs Make The Economic Case For Immigration Reform

The Seattle Times
September 11, 2012

Russian businessman Denis Kiselev was the subject of an Aug. 30 story in The Times for a milestone in Seattle business: Under a new federal policy, he was sponsored for an H-1B visa by a company he started himself. For the company, SnapSwap Inc., to ask that its creator be allowed to work in America is neatly circular.

A problem? Not to Kiselev. “I am creating jobs for Americans,” he said.

That’s a good thing — and can be frustrated by U.S. immigration law.

Kiselev, 47, is one of several would-be founders trying to sprout companies at SURF Incubator, a Seattle home for digital entrepreneurs. “SURF” is an acronym for Start Up Real Fast, which is what its tenants are trying to do. And it’s difficult when you’re a foreigner.

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