Los Angeles Daily News: Immigrants fueled LA economy to tune of $232.9 billion in 2014

A new report finds that immigrants in Los Angeles County contributed $232.9 billion to the region’s economy, nearly 35.7 percent of the area’s economic output.

The report, “New Americans in Los Angeles,” breaks down immigrant contributions to the city of L.A. and to the county, providing a “snapshot” on a range of demographic factors, from education and labor participation levels.

Out of the $232.9 billion in gross domestic product that immigrants created for the county in 2014, $95.3 billion were generated by Hispanic immigrants and $81.7 billion by Asian immigrants. That same year, immigrants in the county also contributed $17.3 billion in federal taxes, and $7.9 billion in tax revenue for the state and municipalities, according to the report.

The report also found that immigrants make up 41 percent of the county’s labor force, and 43 percent of those who are employed.

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