Louisville Courier-Journal (KY): Opinion: Immigration issues hit close to home

It is easy to think that when it comes to the issue of immigration, only some states are truly affected. While it’s true that border states and areas with larger populations are often more directly exposed to the intricacies of the issue, the bottom line is this: immigration affects each state across the country in some manner.

One area where immigrants have a tangible impact is on state economies. As our federal elected officials look to modernize our outdated immigration system in the coming months, it’s imperative they consider the effect that any legislation will have on Kentucky’s economy.

I urge all Kentuckians to take another look at the way immigration impacts your own community. The New American Economy, a bipartisan immigration advocacy group, recently released reports detailing the economic contributions of foreign-born residents in Kentucky. This data shows that our immigrant neighbors do, in fact, play an integral role in allowing our state and local economies to flourish.

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