Miami Herald: Want your local economy to grow? Start embracing immigrants

All eyes are on Washington as the fate of nearly 800,000 undocumented young people brought here as children dominates the debate over America’s broken immigration system. But while many focus attention on the nation’s capital, important discussion is happening this week in New York. As the UN General Assembly meets, mayors from around the United States — and the world — are gathering to discuss how cities and towns of all sizes and political stripes are competing to attract, welcome and integrate immigrants. The reason for their leadership? While DC politicians debate the value of immigration, local communities see the benefits firsthand.

It comes down to economics. In addition to adding diversity and cultural vibrancy, immigrants are driving economic growth and revitalization across the country.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in America’s Rust Belt. Immigrants are offsetting decades of population decline. They’re contributing millions of dollars to the tax base. They’re infusing new life into economic corridors by opening storefronts and bolstering consumer spending, and they’re reviving the housing market.

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