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Michigan Radio: One envelope holds her fate. Is she getting deported?

Maria Garcia Juarez wandered around the international arrivals area at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Friday, frantically looking for a government official who held a sheet of paper with her fate written on it.

As she scurried from one Delta Air Lines security employee to the next, asking if anyone had seen agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Juarez looked like a woman tortured by twin emotions: the hope of staying in the United States to help her husband survive a stem cell transplant and care for their toddler son, and the fear of being deported from her family and the only country she’s known since she was eight months-old.

Juarez was born in the Mexico and for years has faced deportation for stealing two cars as a juvenile while growing up in gang-filled Salinas, California. She’s now 23, lives in Detroit and is among an increasing number of undocumented immigrants in Michigan facing deportation since Donald Trump was elected president amid promises to remove “bad hombres,” or undocumented immigrants who had committed crimes in the U.S.

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