Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal: As Trump Administration cracks down, Minnesota Chamber touts value of immigrants

As the Trump Administration rolls out strict enforcement rules that will lead the deportation of many more undocumented immigrants, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce on Monday announced that it’s supporting an initiative to add immigrants to the U.S. population.

The Minnesota Chamber, which also leads the Minnesota Business Immigration Coalition, is backing a nationwide call for immigration reform — promoted by the New York-based New American Economy — that it says would spur economic growth by adding more workers who job opening, pay taxes, shop in local stores and start businesses.

The reform proposal calls for improving the government’s E-Verify system, an electronic employee-verification system; replacing the quota system for the number of people allowed to enter the country with a system that adjusts the figure based on economic conditions; and creating a better pathway to citizenship and for obtaining work permits for undocumented people.

Last week, thousands of immigrants across the Twin Cities refused to go to work while hundreds of businesses closed their doors in support of ‘A Day Without Immigrants’, a national protest boycotting president Donald Trump’s stance on immigration.

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