Modernizing visa system would help nation’s economy

When I retired after a career in the U.S. Marines, I wanted to find a way to continue to meaningfully contribute. So, I searched for a cutting edge technology to bring to market. Fortunately I was introduced to Dartmouth College chemistry professor Joe BelBruno, a leading expert in materials chemistry who had developed the only sensor capable of detecting and monitoring airborne nicotine. It was clear that this technology could help to protect people from unwanted exposure to carcinogens.

Within a few months Joe and I formed our company, FreshAir Sensor Corp. Today, after an intense two years of effort, we have developed a Wi-Fi enabled device for our sensors. When the device detects smoking, the customer is immediately alerted that someone is smoking in a prohibited area. When the event is over, the user receives a time-coded chart of the substance detected, providing scientific proof thatsmoking took place.

We are preparing to debut our groundbreaking product to the public this summer. The response has already been incredible. Since the first article about our work appeared in November, we have received more than 500 unsolicited inquiries from property managers, hotels, and individuals – who want to use our sensor to detect unwanted smoking. I frequently receive emotional e-mails from people with babies, asthma, or allergies who are desperate for a way avoid cigarette and marijuana smoke. This technology will help protect them.

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