New Study Shows Smarter Tourist Visa Laws Would Add More Than $7.5 Billion in Revenue and 50,000 Jobs Within Five Years

The Partnership for a New American Economy today released a new study showing how expanding the Visa Waiver Program to six new countries – Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, Poland, South Africa, and Turkey – would result in $7.66 billion additional spending and 50,000 American jobs within five years.

“Expanding the number of Visa Waver Program countries could significantly impact the amount of international visitation we receive,” said Bill Malone, President and CEO of the Park City Chamber/Bureau. “With nearly 10% of our winter visitors coming from abroad; making it easier for guests to come and spend money in Park City would be a big boost to our local economy.”

“Our industry has been growing by 3% each year. We are a constant source of employment and economic opportunities. Current Utah demographic data clearly shows that we will need immigrants to make sure that our economy continues growing. Our industry is greatly affected and tied to tourism,” said Melva Sine, President and CEO of the Utah Restaurant Association.  “Expanding the Visa Waiver Program would support our economy and continue to build valuable jobs. Additionally, the economy depends on sensible and meaningful reform. Immigration policy has been neglected for too long. The Utah Restaurant Association firmly supports sensible immigration reform.”

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