News on 6: City Studies Economic Impact Of Immigrants In Tulsa

The City of Tulsa just released a report that examines the economic impact of immigrants in the Tulsa metro area. The report by New American Economy is based on figures gathered between 2010 and 2015, according to a news release.

The report documents the growth of Tulsa’s immigrant population within those five years. They represent 6.7 percent of the total metro population, but foreign-born residents in Tulsa account for 27.9 percent of overall population growth, it says.

Immigrants are slightly more likely to be employed than U.S.-born residents and more likely to be self-employed, the study shows. They are making up significant parts of the workforce in construction, tourism and hospitality, and manufacturing.

In Tulsa, they hold 5.5 percent of business and finance jobs, 4.8 percent of healthcare practice jobs and 2.7 percent of education jobs, the report states.

“Given their income, immigrants contributed significantly to state and local taxes including property, incomes, sales and excise taxes,” the report found.

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