Opinion: Immigration reform should come through legislation – not executive action

Immigration reform has been one of the most talked about issues for the past couple of years – and that has only increased since the election. Obviously this week is filled with headlines about the President’s executive action on the issue.

I’ve been advocating for immigration reform for years.  I believe an important component to reform is having an avenue for law-abiding immigrants to become lawful residents.  This is important to me.  However, I strongly believe it should be done through legislation. Temporarily removing the risk of deportation is nowhere near the same as being given a pathway to legal status.  We must have legislation in order to achieve this ultimate goal.

Those of us who are supporters of substantive immigration reform must continue to call for this. The President’s action does nothing to change the urgency of this.  Together we must bring a strong and unified voice to Congress calling for immigration reform to be passed using conservative values.  Immigration reform needs to be a top priority for the Republican Party. It’s necessary policy that should be addressed with legislation.  And it is also policy that makes smart politics.

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