Press Release: Partnership Applauds House Judiciary Committee’s Approval of Bill to Eliminate Country Caps for Employment Visas as Important First Step in Modernizing Immigration Laws to Boost the Economy

The Partnership for a New American Economy is encouraged by the House Judiciary Committee’s approval on October 27 of the Fairness for High Skilled Immigration Act. This bill will eliminate the arbitrary caps on employment-based visas that make immigrants from countries like India and China wait up to 9 years to receive green cards. This is precisely the type of constructive – and bi-partisan – legislation that our country needs and is an important first step in ensuring that American firms can compete and grow in the global economy. Other important legislation with bi-partisan support – including legislation to provide green cards for foreign-born graduates of American universities who earn advanced degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (“STEM”) fields – could be passed now to boost our economy. America cannot continue to train the best and brightest in STEM fields, then send them home. Bi-partisan support for these two visa reform initiatives is a welcome sign that members from both parties can come together to advance smart immigration reforms that boost the economy and create jobs.

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