Pittsburgh’s New Immigrants Equal Brain Gain

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 27, 2012

BlackBerry in hand, Tek Rimal counts the minutes as he rides the bus from his job at BNY Mellon to his Bellevue apartment. Like many young parents, Mr. Rimal and his wife, Chandra, tag-team the care of their son, Anuj, with precision timing. Mr. Rimal rushes home from his day shift so his wife can work a 4-to-midnight stint at Rivers Casino.

Like many Pittsburghers, they rely on family to fill in the occasional gaps. Two of Mr. Rimal’s brothers and one of Chandra’s live in their building. The extended family shops and socializes together, often taking the bus to a favorite ethnic food store.

After 19 years in a Nepali refugee camp and only one year in the United States, Mr. Rimal, a 33-year-old native of Bhutan, is a check-processing clerk at BNY Mellon. But that’s not his only job. He cooks 20 hours a week at a neighborhood Thai restaurant and picks up translation jobs with Catholic Charities. Armed with a Pennsylvania driver’s license, he’s saving for a family car.

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