Sacramento Bee: Economy would benefit from meaningful immigration reform

My family immigrated to the United States from Cape Town, South Africa, when I was just a year old, so I understand on a very personal level why people are willing to leave their family, friends and all that they know to start a new life here.

From the get-go, we considered ourselves Americans and strove to realize the American dream. My father became a chiropractor. I went to law school and in 2002, founded my own practice in San Francisco, then moved to the Sacramento area to open an office in Rancho Cordova. My family did so not just to better our own lives, but to contribute to our country.

Over my 15 years as an immigration lawyer, I have seen the vital economic contributions that thousands of immigrants make to California – and to the country – up close. Because our native-born population is aging and the global economy is becoming ever more competitive, I understand what we lose when we shut out skilled workers and entrepreneurs. This is why we urgently need to move beyond the charged political rhetoric and pass meaningful immigration reform.

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