Startup Act 2.0: House Lawmakers Introduce Senators’ Immigration Reform Bill

The Washington Post
June 6, 2012

One week after Senators from both sides of the aisle unveiled a new immigration reform and job creation measure, Republicans and Democrats have again linked up to introduce the same bill in the House.

Startup Act 2.0 would allow immigrants who obtain graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and math to stay and work in the country; reform made necessary, proponents say, by demand for those degrees that is outpacing the supply of graduates from American universities. The bill would also create a new category of visa for immigrants who start companies and hire workers in the United States.

Republicans Michael Grimm (N.Y.), Kevin Yoder (Kan.), Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Robert Dold (Ill.) teamed with Democrats Loretta Sanchez (Calif.), Russ Carnahan (Mo.) and Jared Polis (Colo.) to bring the bill into the House on Wednesday. A bipartisan group of lawmakers already introduced the measure in the Senate.

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