The Cleveland Scene Weekly: “There Are 7,405 Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Cleveland, According to New Report”

A report released today by New American Economy and Global Cleveland helps paint a vivid picture of how the local immigrant population intersects with the local economy. Among the choice data points: There are 7,405 immigrant entrepreneurs in the Cleveland metro area, and the immigrant population as a whole (113,252 strong) boasts $3.2 billion in spending power.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Cleveland’s immigrants is one that local government and businesses should consider closely. Based on data, more immigrants hold bachelor’s degrees or graduate degrees than the city’s “native-born” population. And while many immigrants here are working in tech and health care, many others are sidelined into administrative support and manufacturing jobs. The workforce and education stats aren’t lining up.
One year ago this week, we published an extensive feature on Global Cleveland and its uphill battle. Compared to other similarly sized markets, Cleveland isn’t growing its immigrant population as fervently. As co-authors of this new report, it would seem that the organization is still getting its bearings.

“Our current immigration system is broken and does not address the challenges we face in the 21st Century,” Global Cleveland President Joe Cimperman said in a public statement. “This new research proves what we’ve known for years: immigrants are an advantage to our local economy and in every community in America.


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