The Colorado Statesman: Coalition releases data to demonstrate impact of immigrants, need for policy reform

A national organization of business and civic leaders released troves of data Tuesday to back up its contention that it’s long past time to fix the country’s immigration system.

Research compiled by New American Economy details the foreign-born population, spending power, taxes paid, home ownership and other measures for every congressional district in the country and in 50 metro areas, including Denver. The point, a spokesman for the coalition says, is to highlight the importance and contribution of immigrants to every local economy and in every American community.

“We are trying to counter the perception that immigrants are a drain on communities, on state and federal resources, that they’re not contributing collectively to the good of communities, to the tax base and the work force,” said Jeff Wasden, president of the Colorado Business Roundtable, a member of the NAE coalition.

“Our immigrant community plays a crucial role in Colorado,” he told The Colorado Statesman in an interview. “They pay rent, they purchase houses, they buy goods, they pay taxes, they’re entrepreneurial.”

The data backs him up.

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