The Detroit News: Column: Immigrants are key to reviving working class

Compelling new research documents how immigrants are undeniably part of the solution to start reversing the job loss and wage stagnation impacting Michigan’s working-class. Released by the New American Economy, a coalition of mayors and corporate CEOs led by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition, a group of 38 local chambers of commerce from across the Rust Belt, the report provides detailed and exhaustive evidence that immigrants are a critical part of the solution to the Rust Belt’s working-class economic concerns.

Working-class voters are understandably frustrated about the economic changes that have been afoot for the last 15 years. According to the report, the Great Lakes region lost 1 million working-class jobs between 2000-2015 and saw real wages for working-class workers fall 6.4 percent over this period. Wall Street bailouts. Technological advances that result in lower wages (rather than higher ones as would be predicted by traditional advances in productivity). And CEO compensation levels that defy historic expectations. These factors undergird working-class anxieties. These economics fueled working-class voters — many who supported Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.

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