The Jackson Sun: “Iranian immigrants tout Made in America”

Darius and Susan Mir are a classic example of “The American Dream.”

The couple emigrated from Iran to the United States in 1983, and now own three seating-manufacturing factories, including Made In America Seating in Union City.

“I think it’s important for communities across the United States to realize that immigrants go that extra mile,” said Darius Mir, CEO of Made In America Seating. “They don’t mind swimming upstream, and they will be contributing members of the societies they are part of, because they have left so much behind to come here and search for opportunities.”

He spoke about their journey at “Highlighting Impacts of Immigrants in Tennessee: An Iranian’s Journey to Create Jobs in Union City” and also gave a tour of his facility at Made in America Seating.

The event was part of a series of events across the United States Tuesday to help release new data from the New American Economy, to show the economic and community impact immigrants have made at the congressional district level.

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