The Nevada Independent: “Pro-business groups seek to revive federal immigration reform”

A pro-business group founded by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to revive talk of federal immigration reform, centering on immigrant-heavy areas including Nevada.

At a press conference hosted by the New American Economy in Carson City, representatives from the Nevada Farm Bureau and Reno Chamber of Commerce pled their case for the need of business-friendly immigration reform.

Held in conjunction with the launch of a state-by-state map listing immigration demographics and economic impact broken down by congressional district, business representatives said that Congress needs to seriously reconsider immigration reform like Nevada, where nearly 20 percent of the population is foreign born.

“We really don’t have a sweet middle that gets us enough votes to be able to pass meaningful reform,” Farm bureau executive Doug Busselman said. “And to get where we need to go in this country, that’s what we need to have.”


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