U.S. Companies Say H-1B Hires Are “Critical” to Success

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – Apr 7, 2015) – Nothing highlights the skills gap more than the race to submit H-1B visa applications. In a survey of nearly 100 U.S. companies that seek skilled workers and collectively employ more than 116,000, 50 percent of the companies consider hiring foreign nationals for U.S. job openings “Important or Very Important” with another 23 percent of them calling it “Critical” for their company’s success in 2015.

The increased need for foreign national talent is not surprising given that more than 83 percent of the companies surveyed indicated that they would have hired a U.S. citizen for the job were they able to find a qualified prospect. The survey was conducted by Chicago-based VISANOW, a leading provider of legal immigration services.

These results come at a time of high anxiety for individuals seeking to work in the U.S. and the companies wanting to hire them. Roughly half (if not more) of the people (and their sponsoring employers) who are expected to apply for H-1B visas this year will be forced to seek other options, as the number of applicants will far exceed the 85,000 visa cap, and their fate will be determined by a lottery system. For individuals, not making the cut could mean being forced to leave the country. For employers, it could mean losing out on a key hire and putting a project, team or initiative at risk.

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